• We use your infrared beam-break stand-alone patron counter in a public library in order to get daily attendance.  We like the patron counter because it is easy to use. We count because we are required to show how many people use the library every day in order to receive funding and show that we are a valuable resource for the community.

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  •  The traffic counter is effortless on our part.  We just reset it each night when we leave.  We operate an official Welcome Center and visitor count is very important to us locally and to the State.  We are able to show a return on investment to our partners.

  • The Nevada County Library has used WeCountPeople.com’s patron traffic workbook for the past five years. We only utilize the traffic count as our revenue statistics are not kept at the detailed level of the spreadsheet.

    Our library staff members keep track of our daily count at the end of the day as part of our closing activities. The patron counter keeps a continual count for the occasional times the count is not retrieved so we never lose the count.

    The worksheet has been a huge help keeping track of our patron count which we use to supply to the California State Library Survey annually. It’s really easy to use and enter the day end counts to see where we are.

    The note section is a great resource for reference notes and being able to change the multiplier to record accurate traffic is fantastic.

    It’s also nice to look back on the past five years to our progress. We have a bond initiative coming up in 2018 and this information will be extremely helpful to have.    Debie Ogden, Nevada County Library

  • We use the people counter to monitor number of patrons entering our library via the front door. The more patrons, the more money we will receive in our budget. I like the people counter very much so far, but I wish the monitor screen was a little bigger, maybe twice the size. So it can be viewed easier, without glasses. Alan Stetz, Henry Ford College Library

  • This is our sixth year of using the We Count People worksheet and it has helped us in so many ways to run my business more efficiently. I own an indoor sport arena playing a new sport called Arena Softball. The 45,000 square foot facility consists of two Arena Softball fields a 6 tunnel batting cage and a food concession area. We use the worksheet in numerous ways such as assisting us allocating daily staffing, using it to support and securing advertising revenue and most recently using the numbers on the worksheet to support our numbers in getting a bank loan for our expansion. The advertising aspect is also great as we can track the effectiveness of an advertising promotion by measuring the traffic count the days after running an ad. If the numbers remain stable, we know the promotion is not effective and we can change it immediately. The We Count People worksheet is an indispensable tool for my business. Greg Joseph, Owner, Arena Softball, Roseville, CA

  •  Our stand-alone patron counter is simple to use and low maintenance. We only have to change the batteries once a year. We are a busy library and count the patrons coming in for published records. We use the patron count to determine our staffing ratio.

  • It is easy to use. We are a public library and use the stand-alone patron counter to log the number of patrons using the facility. We have been able to track with solid numbers that we are seeing more patrons use the library and can take that information to our city council at budget request time. Your customer service is wonderful and I feel they go out of their way to help solve even minor problems.

  • It is a simple, compact, low maintenance stand-alone patron counter and easy to read. This is a public library. It’s helpful to know how many patrons are using the facility per day, for a variety of reasons. This is just one measure that we can report to city, state and other authorities. It helps to show that we’re a viable and busy library.

  • Using the Directional People Counter in conjunction with the network receiver allows us to quickly get the data we need by simply visiting a web-based count sheet. This process does not require anyone to have to walk around and gather counts from each counter location. We have the directional people counters installed at all entrances into the building. We use this data to calculate building hours & personnel needs. We have benefited by being able to reduce operation and personnel hours over times the building isn’t as busy.

  • I liked that the wireless people counters did not require construction to install.  We count people at all entrance/exit doors to the facility.  Counts are used to determine total number of visitors, as well as peak times for visitors to the facility and related to building hours.  We count to prove the usage of the facility and why it is necessary on our campus.  It is our first indicator of any shifts in usage.

  • The traffic counter tells me by the day or by the hour how many people were here. We take a count from our main entrance for statistical purposes.  Having a number of people coming through your doors to use your facilities is a great help at budget time.  It helps to determine how many and which hours we should be open, and how much staff we should have in the building during those hours.  The support from your company is wonderful.