Environmental Monitoring Solutions



One of our partner companies provides a low-cost, high-performance solution to learn about critical changes in temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide and other important parameters before it is too late.

The battery operated wireless sensors are easily monitored at your PC and alarms will be automatically sent to your email and messaging services.

Some of the areas where the environmental monitoring solution is being used includes monitoring:

  • temperature and humidity in Archival Storage Areas at libraries and musuems
  • temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide levels in Dorm Rooms
  • temperature and humidity in Medical and Bio Labs
  • temperature of Food Service Areas
  • temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide levels at Pet Kennels
  • temperature of Refrigerators and Freezers to guard against loss of food and protect consumers
  • temperature in Server Rooms, Network Cabinets, and Phone Closets to protect electronic assets and reduce energy consumption
  • temperature of Vacation Homes, Greenhouses and other remote facilities
  • temperature and humidity of Wineries
  • and so much more …

Please send us an email at sales@wecountpeople.com to describe your interest and ask for more information on this important solution.


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