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People Counting In Progress

We Count People will provide pilot counters for the ConTEXT Pavillion at the upcoming Campus Marketing Expo. The 2015 Expo will be held in Atlanta, GA February 20-24. The event is produced and hosted by the National Association of College Stores. We hope you will visit the ConTEXT Collaboration Lounge, Booth #3866, for more information about the pilot counting program.

Why Every Store Needs a People Counter!

Retail stores operate in a very competitive market with small profit margins. Even a small improvement in sales conversion rates can lead to thousands of dollars of increased income. Knowing how many people visited you today can help you earn more money.

Retailers learn a lot about their store by using a people counter. Your transaction data tells you about the sales you got, but not about the sales you missed. A people counter can help you determine:

  • How many visitors made purchases?
  •  How many did not make a purchase?
  •  When were the busiest times of the day?
  •  How many staff personnel were available during the busy times?
  •  How many staff personnel were available during the slow times?

And there are other benefits to adding a people counter at your store.

Improved Stock Management

Knowing how many people visited you today will help you manage product inventory based on store traffic. Use your traffic rates and sales data to determine how many products to keep in stock on a weekly basis.

Optimize Staffing and Loss Prevention

Knowing how many people visited you on a specific day or time will help you decide how many employees to schedule for work. Having an adequate shopper-to-staff ratio helps each shopper get the service and support they need to make a purchasing decision (or watched to help reduce shoplifting).

A people counting system can improve your bottom line by providing traffic counts to help optimize inventory, improve customer service, control labor costs, and prevent theft.

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