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On our Products page, you can add items to your shopping cart and elect to pay online by Credit Card – or select payment by check. If you select payment by check, we will review your order and if approved, ship the equipment and invoice for payment upon receipt.

If you prefer, you can also send us an email with your list of required products, bill to and ship to addresses, and method of payment.

The top three favorite counters based on orders were:

  • 2015 AccuraCounter, TotalCounterSF and TotalCounterUSB.
  • 2016 TotalCounter Magnetic Door Counter, AccuraCounter and TotalCounterSF.
  • 2017 AccuraCounter, TotalCounterSF and TotalCounterMDC.
  • 2018 TotalCounterOH, TotalCounter Magnetic Door Counter and TotalCounterRF.
  • 2019 TotalCounterMDC, TotalCounter OH and TotalCounterIO.
  • 2020 TotalCounterMDC, TotalCounterIO, TotalCounterSF.

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