AccuraCounterTC – AC Powered Standalone Counter

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The AccuraCounterTC is an ac-powered stand-alone people counter, where you walk to the counter at the door to read the on-board display. You write down the number and reset the display.


These are infrared reflected beam-break people counters.  The sensor sends a safe and invisible infrared beam to the reflector installed opposite the sensor.  When someone, or something, passes through this invisible beam, they “break” the beam and are counted.  These people counters are known as “non-directional” people counters because they do not separate the IN and OUT counts.   So if someone walks in, then walks out, they will be counted twice and you will need to divide the number on the display by 2 to arrive at a visitor count.  
The physics of a beam break people counter means that if two people walk through side-by-side, they will be counted as one.  And if a group of people walk through at the same time, it is unlikely that all of them will be counted.   ALL infrared beam-break and ALL infrared-reflected people counters work in the same way.  On a single door entrance (typically 36″ wide), most people enter one at a time, so the counting accuracy is typical very high (93 to 95%). But on a double-door entrance – this typical accuracy can drop to 80 to 85%.
Some of the advantages of this counter include:
  • The AccuraCounterTC is a low cost, compact people counter.
  • The AccuraCounterTC is not a kit that you have to assembly or wire.  It comes fully assembled and wired and ready to count.  You don’t have to push a lot of buttons to turn it on.
  • On board alignment lights make the sensor easy to install, easy to align, easy to use and easy to maintain.
  • All electronics are sealed to protect them from accidental damage.  You won’t risk damaging any components or misaligning sensors when trying to replace hard to remove batteries.
  • The AccuraCounterTC is ac-powered and will never need batteries.
  • The AccuraCounterTC has multiple mounting options,  from the Front or from the Side.
  • The AccuraCounterTC can count across a 20 foot span between the sensor and the reflector.
  • The AccuraCounterTC comes with a one-year warranty.

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The operation of the AccuraCounter TC people-counter is very simple. An Infrared Beam is sent from the transmitter and reflected back to the receiver.  When someone walks through the beam, the beam is interupted, and a count is registered. The maximum distance between the infrared beam break people counter sensor and the reflector is twenty (20) feet.

The AccuraCounterTC People Counter counts people as they enter and leave. At the end of the day you divide the total on the counter by 2 to obtain your visitor count.

The AccuraCounterTC is the result of 15 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying People Counters.  This AC-Powered People Counter never needs batteries and there are no Annual Maintenance Fees!

The ac power cord is 5 foot long.

We recommend use of a surge protector to protect the AccuraCounterTC from power fluctuations.   The total count will be saved for a short period in the event of loss of ac power.

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Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 in