IP Connected Overhead Dual Video Solutions

IP connected overhead dual video sensing solutions are available.  These sensors have proven to be more accurate, and in some cases, more reliable than infrared beam break sensors.   Sophisticated reporting software is included with every overhead sensor.

Because of the sophistication of these products, you will not be able to order them directly from our website.   Please contact us to discuss the specific installation requirements of your location.

People counting solutions are available for single door entrances, double door entrances, and very wide entrances.  Ceiling heights from 8 feet to 30 feet can be accommodated.  The customer will typically physically install the sensors and run Ethernet cable from the sensor to a nearby PoE network port.   Power and data is transmitted across the Ethernet cable.   Onsite installation services are available.

Please send an EMAIL including contact information, number of entrances, entrance width, and ceiling height to [email protected].     Photos of each entrance, showing the floor/entrance/ceiling in one shot would be very helpful.