CountRecorder Wireless – 1/2 Hour Counts at your PC Network


Receive hourly counts at your PC network using our ac-powered Wireless CountRecorder that will automatically and wirelessly transmit 1/2 hour, hourly, daily, weekly and monthly counts to the DataMaster receiver attached to your PC network.    System price of $999 includes one Wireless CountRecorder and one DataMaster.  Additional TotalCountersRF units can be added to the same DataMaster for $429 per counter.

Product Description

Stand-alone people counters are great for collecting traffic counts on a “manual” basis. Whenever you want the count, you walk to the people counter, look at the display, and document the traffic. But it means a lot of walking if you want to know how busy your facility is on an hourly basis (so that you can determine staffing needs or hours of operation). And what do you do if you forget to collect the data?

If you want an automated method of counting, consider using the Wireless CountRecorder. The counter has an external radio to wirelessly transmit count data to the DataMaster receiver attached to your PC network. Using standard web browser software, you will view the half-hour, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly people count data at your PC.   CSV file exports are provided.

Some of the Main Features of the Wireless CountRecorder include:

– AC powered counter.   No batteries to replace.
– Measures across a 20 foot span
– Easy to align sensor.  Easy to install solution.
– Silent Operation, or volume controlled chime to announce visitors.
– Mounting brackets included for ease of installation
– Typical distance between sensor and DataMaster is 100 feet.
– Typical Operating Environment: 0 to 120 degrees F. Protected from weather.

The Wireless CountRecorder uses an infrared beam-break people counter. The infrared transmitter side sends a safe and invisible infrared beam to the infrared receiver.  When someone, or something, passes through this invisible beam, they “break” the beam and are counted.

The physics of a beam break people counter means that if two people walk through side-by-side, they will be counted as one.  And if a group of people walk through at the same time, it is unlikely that all of them will be counted.   ALL infrared beam-break and ALL infrared-reflected people counters work in the same way.  On a single door entrance (typically 36″ wide), most people enter one at a time, so the counting accuracy is typical very high (93 to 95%). But on a double-door entrance – this typical accuracy can drop to 80 to 85%.

To add additional counters, or a repeater, contact [email protected]

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 4 in